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Cannabis child resistant pre roll tins

Functional structure of CR pre roll tins:
1: Child proof button on the both side
2: metal materials
3: Slide drawer push out
4: Plastic and paper divider insert
5: Airtight Closure
  • CR007S
  • Yark
  • 001

Cannabis child resistant pre roll tins

Can I custom airtight closure tins for my pre roll?

  • Customized cannabis pre roll tins packaging has a strong impact on sales in the market, it can be perfectly integrated into the characteristics of the product, Yark provides customization for different sizes of cigarettes, such as size and shape, 84mm (0.5 gram) / 98mm (0.7 (gram) /King size 109mm, we will also customize paper pre roll packaging boxes for each cigarette. And distinguish the types of cannabis cigarettes well. Let your products be displayed in the store with high-end and perfect and eye-catching.

The structure of the inner pre roll tins:

  • Yark provides a complete system solution when customizing pre roll tins for you, 1) Plastic insert. It can use different forms to keep your cigarette pre roll in good shape, and you can also add matches options.

      2) Paper divider insert. With paper cardboard comes into cannabis pre roll tin case might design your brand or different flavor. It has strong independence

CR007CR tin case CR tin containersTIN BOX child resistant tube

12 (2)cbd cartridge packaging

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Child Resistant Packaging

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