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CBD Sliding Child Resistant Cartridge Packaging

It is a combination option of EVA and cardboard tray packaging. The insert card is where you put your cartridge or disposable vape pen for safety and security, CBD cartridge box is the best solution for vape e-cigarettes
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CBD Sliding Child Resistant Cartridge Packaging

Premium exquisite sliding child resistant box for CBD cartridges, cannabis products are widely used in various industries, and with the continuous development and market demand, lightweight CBD cartridges, Vape cartridges, disposable vape pen have been developed for cannabis-related products , vaporizer pen, Nicotine salt pod etc. These products are quickly purchased and recognized by consumers.

Recyclable and personalized child proof e-cigarette vape pens boxes are importants because these boxes help the product quickly establish a reliable brand, and the most striking feature of Vape cartridges Boxes is the luxury enjoy and eco-friendly they offer consumers. From the perspective of market demand, it is the best solution to perceive the quality of electronic cigarettes and improve the brand effect by customizing the vape cartridge packaging to display and promote the brand.

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