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All Paper CR Vape Boxes

When it comes to THC related products, we understand that maintaining the quality and freshness of the product is critical, and ensuring that vape boxes are well constructed and offer the highest standard of protection, Yark offers a range of reliable packaging and box shapes in different styles, To increase the advantage of packaging.
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All Paper CR Vape Boxes

Customized CR vape packaging

As the market demand continues to change, more and more different types of e-cigarette products have undergone secondary updates, both in appearance and taste have been comprehensively improved, but in order to protect minors, by requiring vape boxes with child proof function , to provide protection against misuse by children.

Yarktech vape packaging company has a professional design team, better share valuable design ideas with your disposable vape pen, provide unique style, in order to increase 1ml disposable vape sales

CR vape boxes have anti-odor function, and the airtightness of the packaging will not emit the unique smell of the product, nor will it absorb environmental odors. Well-designed vape boxes maintain freshness and smell.

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Custom Packaging


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