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5ML 7ML 9ML Mini Glass Concentrate Jars

Child-proof glass jars are the perfect containers for displaying and preserving marijuana concentrate oil and crytal. Available in a variety of convenient sizes, our child resistant concetrate glass jars are lead free and resistant to chemicals.
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5ML 7ML 9ML Mini Glass Concentrate Jars

Featuring an airtight screw top design that makes it smell proof and water resistant, our child-resistant glass concentrate containers are made of concentrate clear high quality glass.

These glass concentrate containers are among the most popular choices for displaying and storing CBD Oil concentrates, buds, and samples.

Crystal clear glass lets your beautiful extracts shine.

For our customers, we offer four sizes of Glass Jars with Lids: 3 ml, 5 ml, 7 ml, and 9 ml, as well as round and cube versions.

Using high quality thick glass, the bottom of the jar is polished.

With a wide mouth and straight walls, you will have plenty of room to work with your products, including lip balms, concentrates, makeup, cosmetics, paint, eye creams, and more. You will also have easy access to the contents.

Material Glass + Plastic Cap
Function Child Resistant; Smell proof; Water proof.

3ml, 5ml, 7ml, 9ml


Custom logo is available, the MOQ is 5000pcs

Applications * Shatter/Crumble

* Honeycomb/Honey Oil/Crytal

* Dad wax oil


Round version and Square version


Transparent/ White/ Black

Packgaing Box style

Paper card box; magnetic lid box; slide box; top and bottom box; triangle box; round paper box, etc.

Mini childproof glass jars

Concentrate glass jarsConcentrate Glass JarsConcentrate Glass Jars

Custom Premium Paper Packaging Boxes for mini glass concentrate jars freely.

If we need to customize a unique carton packaging for our concentrate cans, we recommend some good options ranging from affordable card boxes to very high-end looking magnet boxes, drawer boxes, vertical display boxes, etc. These are just some of our solutions, if you need more, please contact me at any time.



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Child Resistant Packaging

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